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{With my whole heart for my whole life}

Nothing could have been more perfect than the smell of the beautifully crisp air, calm pale blue waters and the clouds that were 50 shades of blue, harmoniously skimming the large open waters below. With breathless romance {Kyle and Elisabet} its a recipe for perfection! Toes in the wet sand and the touch of pure love moving in sync was nothing short of bliss.

As my first wedding I look back at how nervous and intimidating it was just to think about. Im not quite sure what my hang up was or what I feared, but it turned out to be more than fine... it was SO BEAUTIFUL. From the decor to the dress, the colors, the bouquet, the bride and groom, the PEOPLE, the venue... everything was so romantic, and priceless.

Here are some more fun images! Such a cozy and sultry venue... I would love to just go back and visit again.

Lights strewn across the balconies, and fire pits lit for warm conversation amongst family and friends.

Hidden in the back of base camp motel, you will find this...Outpost Brewing Company. Such a sweet little gem! Great food, solid beer, corn hole, and all around great for a new experience.

The I Do's on private property that look out upon the worlds finest waters California has to offer.

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