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Talk about inspiration!

Looking back on my experience as a "student" learning some tips on wedding photography from my friend Trisha, who was once in my place when I was teaching her newborn photography is kind of awesome.

Trisha has been doing lots of wedding photography and Ive always wanted to get my feet wet so she asked if I wanted to come along on one of her shoots... I couldn't turn it down because I knew I needed to get the experience and I wanted to over come one of my fears... and that is making sure I get "THE SHOTS" because like newborn photography, you only get one shot at it... you cant get those newborn moments back once they have passed. So being my passive and shy self I wanted to challenge myself.

I met Trisha in my neighborhood back in 2013 and she has been such a great friend. She is the kind of girl that will go out of her way to help with anything she can. I cant say enough great things about her... and talk about personable! EVERYONE likes Trisha.

Anywho, I took some pictures of trisha like a "behind the scenes" thing to show you how cool this woman is... Feast your eyes on this 6 foot and pregnant superwoman

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